Unique jewellery, inspired by a father’s love

The story of Sebastianella jewellery began with a single 1950 Penny that was given to its founder, Nella Lofts on her 50th birthday by her father 'Sarago' originally from Sicily. This penny commemorates the undying love between a father and his daughter and it has much sentimental value for Nella. As you can imagine after the loss of her father in 2009 Nella's desire to keep his memory alive led to her placing the penny into a necklace for herself, which in turn gave birth to her new business, Sebastianella.

Fast forward to the year 2014, Susan Bajada a lifetime friend for over 40 years joins Nella to create a great partnership. Sebastianella creations comprise of vintage Australian coins, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, sterling silver plated and fresh water pearls.

Sebastianella will continue to create gorgeous pieces from the heart for the perfect gift. With love Nella and Sue